Girl, get your birth control…

Ladies, one thing we can do to maintain control if reproductive access for women changes at a Supreme Court level is to make sure that we are aware of and access the scientifically tested and FDA-approved birth control options that are available to us. Most women across their life spans use various forms of birth control to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Chances are you or someone you love will need to access birth control too. So, let’s talk about 3 things to know about birth control.

First, if you are a reproductive-aged woman, meaning you are having a monthly or even irregular menstrual cycle, you can get pregnant if you have sex. If you do not yet desire a pregnancy, there are several birth control options available to you.

Second, these birth control options include everything from the birth control pill, to intrauterine devices to arm implants, to condoms. Condoms give us double use, because they protect against an unplanned pregnancy AND many sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV. It’s important to speak with your health care provider about which birth control method may work best for you based on your specific situation. Be honest with them, so they can be sure to get you what you need.

Third, once you choose an option, if it’s not working for you, or you don’t like it, talk with your clinician about other options. Many women go through 2-3 options before finding the one that they like best and that works best for them.

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