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Hello and welcome! I am Dr. Madeline Sutton, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, nationally recognized author, speaker, and health equity advocate. I love working with busy women and providing the tools and resources they need to manage their health and have more worry-free, joyful sex. I help my patients get answers to their questions about holistic gynecologic care and birth control access, so they can have more control and freedom over their lives. I provide discreet GYN care at a time and place that works best for you! Let’s get started…

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Control Concierge, PC was founded by a board-certified GYN physician with greater than 20 years of active clinical experience, and 20 years of science and service at the nation’s leading public health agency—Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—Dr. Madeline.

I am Dr. Madeline—the mother of three wonderful sons, and I navigated motherhood and my career thanks to birth control access and some flexible support. I’m so grateful. I created Control Concierge to be a resource for other busy women (whether busy inside or outside of the home), to access tailored, personalized GYN care and birth control on their time. I work with you on your schedule to provide you comprehensive GYN support, service, care and products that will allow you more freedom and control of your sex lives and your overall health.

Are you interested in having personalized, holistic, discreet gynecologic care with 24/7 access to your own physician? Are you ready to acquire the GYN tools and birth control access necessary so that you can have more control of your health, more freedom in your life, and more worry-free, joyful and safer sex? I provide concierge GYN services to busy women who are struggling to find time with their hectic schedules. Book a free consultation with me now to hear more details.


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