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Physician Services

Dr. Madeline is board-certified by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and provides comprehensive and tailored obstetric and gynecologic care to women in several hospitals. Dr. Madeline is also a Concierge Gynecologist; she provides personalized and holistic GYN care to busy women, including access to birth control, so that they can have more control and freedom in their lives. With Dr. Madeline, you get GYN care on YOUR time.


Dr. Madeline is a dynamic and engaging speaker, often sharing with audiences regarding women’s reproductive health and wellness topics, sexuality, health equity, mentoring for diversity, and public health strategies. Dr. Madeline also has a reproductive health disparities course, in which she educates audiences about the historical and modern-day context of these disparities and the steps needed today to reach health equity. Her approach will engage everyone in the audience to work toward equity solutions.

Women’s Sexual Zen & Wellness Consultant

Dr. Madeline works with women to help empower and educate them wherever they are on their sexual wellness journey. By working with women directly, Dr. Madeline encourages women to embrace sexuality as part of their overall health and wellness. To help women be creative in their sexual journeys, Dr. Madeline curates “sexual Zen boxes,” which have items to help women create calm and joyful spaces to heighten their pleasure and promote sexual health. Check out her sexual Zen items for a tasteful selection of sexual serenity items, including candles, vibrators, condoms and lubricants.

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